Thursday, 29 January 2009

No Ziggy? Poppycock or Poppyvag?

Aw, man. Here I was all amped over Bowie resurrecting Ziggy Stardust and it turns out to be one of those unsubstantiated-thingy rumours that bounce around the internet machine and people believe them because if it's online it's on the button as far as truth goes, right? Right?

Wrong, mofo! It's not true, so back into the wardrobe goes my limited edition sequined jumpsuit that's tight in all the right places. Off goes the Ziggy from the iTunes. And off go my dreams, sniff sniff.

Actually, I'm not that cut up about it. I was thinking it would be kinda cool in some way as yet undefined by the cool spectrum, but Bowie has come out on his website and put the kibosh in any future Ziggy shenanigans. He even went so far as to label the rumours as "poppycock!" and was certain most of us would have realised it was poppycock.

Um, gotta admit I was sucked by the poppycock. I guess me get too excited for my own good, but where did the word poppycock come from? How come we don't have the saying poppyvag? I did some half-arsed investigating on and discovered something wonderful. Apparently the word poppycock means "senseless talk" and probably originated from the Dutch who have a similar word pappekak which means "soft dung". Pappekak is used in those situations where us English speakers will call bullshit! when someone is talking out of their arse.

Well, if I found that on the internet then it must be true.