Wednesday, 10 May 2006

Ray Spring, a First Class Fucktard

Ray Spring, a tightly-coiled cock of a man who was most likely molested by a cat as an infant, has had himself a little conniption over the so-called cat problem in Christchurch. In response to the problem he has formed the Christchurch Cat Control Campaign and has put forward a radical [not to mention costly] proposal for consideration by the city council.

Judging by the wonderful social problems Christchurch currently has, one would think a large cat population would be the least of their worries. But not to old Ray: forget about violent attacks on bus drivers, it is those pesky cats that really gets up his tight, puckery arse.

Yep, old Ray proposes that there should be a one cat per household limit; he's also proposing a cat curfew, and any cat caught outside during curfew would be euthanised on the spot; he also thinks people should be given traps to kill wandering cats.

Now Bright Ray is obviously a problem-solver, and his traumatic childhood experience [regarding the aforementioned molestation] has clearly given him a zero-tolerance attitude to those marauding inner-city demons that are always ripping children's faces off in playgrounds.

Ray's naturally very proud of his zero tolerance attitude toward cats, and he's quite the joker as well. I refer to the skillfully constructed piece of witticism he uttered when asked what he would say to cat owners being offended by his radical proposal. "Get a goldfish," was Ray's reply. He's also been quoted as saying the cat problem also "lies with middle-aged single lonely women, who dote on cats".

I don't think anyone -- except the most ardent cat-hater -- could agree with such a proposal. Ray Spring's emotive posturing and unbalanced rhetoric clearly identifies him as being mentally unstable, and he is most likely a danger to himself and others, and he should only eat his meals with plastic cutlery.

The last thing he should be doing is submitting proposals to the Christchurch city council, because any proposal from Ray has been constructed by a deranged mind more prone to excitable outbursts than sound reasoning.

Oh, and if the insanity of the architect isn't enough to shoot the proposal down in flames, the cost of the proposal will: $1 million a year. Councils are notorious for being tight with the purse strings and no council would ever fork over that amount for animal control.

I pity the foo!

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